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History of Pasadena

Situated near the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, the city of Pasadena is home to many world-renowned cultural and scientific institutions such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Norton Simon Museum, CalTech, The Huntington Library, and ArtCenter College of Design. Originally home to the Hahamogna tribe, Pasadena was once home to countless orange groves and resorts as Pasadena became a premier tourist destination during the 19th and early 20th centuries thanks to the warm Meditterrainean climate of Southern California. As a result, many streets in the city are lined with beautiful historical architectural buildings ranging from Victorian to Spanish Revival styles.

Today Pasadena has become a great destination for all. There are many freeways surrounding the city, and thanks for the Metro Gold Line running through the city, visiting the city has never been more convenient. There are countless of high-end shopping destinations such as the eclectic Old Town Pasadena and the nearby Westfield Santa Anita Mall. The city of Pasadena also stands with business owners, with pro-business tax benefits and no city business, parking, or utility taxes. Doing business has never been better in Pasadena. With a walk and bike score of 66 and an improved transit system, it is fairly convenient for those living an urban lifestyle that is independent from cars. There are many amenities available, attracting a variety of shoppers, businesses, and visitors. 


According to the data provided by the Census Bureau, the median household income for Pasadena lands at $76,264 with a 4.43% growth. There are and estimated 19,718 total businesses with 73,718 employees. The total average housing unit value is $689,700.  According to the Pasadena Office of Economic Development, there has been 1,258 business outreach connections in Q2 in 2019.

Household IncomeTotal BusinessesEmployeesAverage Housing Value
$76,26419,718 (2012)73,783$689,700


According to the 2010-2015 ACS, the median age for Pasadena is 37.3 years. With a current urban renaissance going on, there is a trend of drawing a younger demographic into the city. This could affect the city in many ways as the younger demographic tend to seek a living experience that is not fully dependent on cars. Currently the City of Pasadena is actively improving their overall walkability and public transport to appease these trends.

Total PopulationPercent with College Degree or Above
141,371 (estimated 2018)51.1% (2013 – 2017)

Age Distribution


Commercial Real Estate

Pasadena offers plenty of opportunity for those looking to invest in commercial real estate. View some of the available listings that we are currently brokering, as well as previously sold properties.

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