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Correct Way for Evaluating a Multi-Family Investment Property

October 30, 2019
Those who are already investing in commercial real estate know that there is a substantial amount of potential in this field of investment, and they are always looking for new and lucrative options for investment.

Recommended Multi-Family Investment Strategies By Experts

October 23, 2019
Are you considering expanding your current commercial investments to include multi-family properties? The following expert multi-family investment strategies and tips can help to keep you on the right track as an investor.

How to Raise Money for Multi-Family Property Investing

October 16, 2019
Investing in a multi-family property has excellent potential, and it can be one of the best ways for you to grow your investment portfolio. While the benefits tend to be easy to see, there is also one major drawback that keeps many people from investing in these types of properties.

Why Multi-Family Homes Are a Great Investment

October 9, 2019
Real estate has long been known to be a good choice, but you might be wondering about multi-family properties. Are multi-family properties a good investment or not?
Retiring early with commercial real estate

How To Retire Early with Real Estate Investing

June 21, 2019
If you're tired of working and want to retire early, real estate investing is one potential way. Let’s take a look at the specifics.
Researching on tax advantages for commercial real estate

Best Tax Advantages of Commercial Real Estate You Must Know

June 5, 2019
Those looking into the benefits of investing in properties will certainly want to understand the many tax advantages of commercial real estate.
Researching for a commercial real estate broker

3 Reasons Not to Look for the Lowest Commercial Real Estate Broker Commission

May 28, 2019
Low commission for a commercial real estate broker might sound very enticing, but there are many reasons why that probably is not a good idea.
Finding the most buyers and maximizing selling potential for commercial real estate

How to Find Buyers for Commercial Real Estate and Maximize Selling Potential

April 17, 2019
There are different factors when looking for commercial property buyers. Here are some tips in maximizing your property's selling potential and attracting more potential buyers.
Selling a commercial property quickly and at the highest price

How to Sell Your Commercial Property Quick and for the Highest Price

March 5, 2019
Learn about what it takes to sell a commercial property quickly and for the highest price.
Commercial property owner calculating cash on cash return, ROI, cap rate, and GRM

How To Calculate Cash-On-Cash Return, ROI, Cap Rate, and GRM

February 18, 2019
Learn about the most important real estate calculation CoC return as well as ROI, Cap Rate, and GRM to figure out how much money you'll be earning.