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History of South Pasadena

At the beginning of 1874, the community that is now South Pasadena became part of the San Gabriel-Orange Grove Alliance. In 1875, the members of the community agreed to call their town Pasadena and, only three years later, the citizens of the southern region of Pasadena called themselves South Pasadena.

Only several California towns are better known for their small-town community quality and historic sites in the San Gabriel Valley. Countless movies and shows have been filmed in the area and thanks for the Metro Railway Gold line, it has become a trendy destination for shopping and dining.


According to the data from the Census Bureau, the average housing income for South Pasadena lands at $92,756. There are a total of 10,635 total businesses with a total of 13,810 employees estimated in 2012. The total average housing unit value lands at $928,500.

Household IncomeTotal BusinessesEmployeesAverage Housing Value
$92,7563,817 (2012)13,810$928,500


According to the 2010-2015 ACS, the median age for South Pasadena is 40 years old. The population of South Pasadena is at 41.9% White alone, 29% Asian Alone, and 20.2% Latino.

Total PopulationPercent with College Degree or Above
25,611 (estimated 2018)62.8% (2013-2017)

Age Distribution


Commercial Real Estate

South Pasadena offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to invest in commercial real estate. View some of the available listings that we are currently brokering, as well as previously sold properties.

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