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History of Rosemead

Originally agricultural land that was owned and administered by the San Gabriel Mission, the Mexican government, the governing body of California at the time, took possession of the lands thanks to the Secularization Act of 1833. This land was then divided and distributed to its citizens, weakening the San Gabriel Mission’s grasps. As many settlers came into Rosemead, the land incorporated into a city in 1959.

Today, the city asserts that its goals include enhancing Rosemead’s quality of life in a business-friendly atmosphere favorable to ongoing economic stability and growth. The city provides a desirable and affordable neighborhood to reside in, as well as a vibrant and evolving business sector that is a driver for economic growth in the West Coast market.


According to the data from the Census Bureau, the average housing income for Rosemead lands at $50,074. There are a total of 6,189 total businesses with a total of 24,721 employees estimated in 2012. The total average housing unit value lands at $489,700.

Household IncomeTotal BusinessesEmployeesAverage Housing Value
$50,0746,189 (2012)24,721$489,700


According to the 2010-2015 ACS, the median age for Rosemead is at 41.5 years. Following the recent influx of East Asian migration to the San Gabriel Valley area, Rosemead’s leading demographic is Asian at 61.3%. 33.6% Latino and 3.81% White alone.

Total PopulationPercent with College Degree or Above
54,412 (estimated 2018)76.3% (2013-2017)

Age Distribution


Commercial Real Estate

Rosemead offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to invest in commercial real estate. View some of the available listings that we are currently brokering, as well as previously sold properties.

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